Laboratory film blowing line LF-400

Laboratory film blowing line LF-400


Laboratory film blowing line to obtain films up to 350 mm width.

  • Laboratory plastic film blown extrusion line or low production.
  • Equipped with a 25 mm single screw extruder.
  • Obtaining films up to 350 mm diameter.
  • Adjustable nozzle, with easy change of mandrels.
  • Bubble guidance system.
  • Standard film nozzle diameter of 50 mm giving a 150 mm wide film.
  • Standard cooling ring from 40 to 50 (others on request).
  • Height from the nozzle to the rollers: 1,150 mm (others on request).
  • Two nozzle temperature controllers.
  • Speed ​​control and indicators.
  • Double ring channel cooling.
  • Stretching rollers with pneumatic closure and adjustable speed.
  • Height adjustable blowing tower.
  • Inspection screen to view defects.
  • Automatic defect measurement and counting system (optional).

For the study in small productions of films by the extrusion method blown polymeric materials (HDPE, LDPE…).