Compact Filter tester DIN EN 13900-5

Compact Filter tester DIN EN 13900-5


Equipment for charges and polymer additives studies, sizes and particles dispersion.

  • Computerized filter tester.
  • According to DIN EN 13900-5.
  • Instant display of all data on the integrated PC screen.
  • Maximum pressure of up to 300 bar to optimize the value obtained.
  • LCD with register of values ​​from thermocouples and pressure translators.
  • Storage, retrieval and display of all parameters.
  • Instant display of pressure curves.
  • Quick filter change.
  • High and low pressure applications up to 300 bar.
  • Attachable to 20mm and 25mm screw Labtech extruder.
  • Filter pack according to DIN EN 13900-5, 34 mm from LABTECH.

For the study of the charges and additives of a polymer, providing us with information on the size and dispersion of the particles that compose it.

DIN EN 13900-5.