Sheard Packaging – Innovation and Design on wheels

MiC, a Mobile Innovation and Design Centre on 60 sqm

The top independent corrugated solutions provider in the UK, Sheard Packaging, has created a Mobile Innovation Center (MiC) using an expandable 40-foot trailer outfitted with our renowned TLS Validator Compression Tester for BCT and stacking tests and a TLS Samples Crush Tester CDM-5 model for ECT Tests.

Sheard Packaging, which was established in 1860 by Samuel Sheard and has been run by families for five generations, grew to become one of the biggest corrugated plants in the United Kingdom. Sheard Packaging, with a 37,000 square meter facility in Halifax, processes more than 150,000,000 square meters of corrugated board annually

The establishment of a cutting-edge Mobile Innovation Centre (MiC) in 2023 marked a significant step forward for the organization in terms of value optimization. An unprecedented invention intended to completely change how a packaging solution provider works with its clients to develop the best solution at the fastest possible speed to market. The challenge facing Sheard Packaging and other manufacturers is getting clients out of their businesses to visit their site and innovation facilities. In the hectic world of today, it is becoming more and more difficult to try to gather everyone together in one place. So instead, why not bring the facilities to the client?

Thus, “Sheard To You” as an idea was born. In response to CEO Roger Whittaker’s suggestion, “What if we put a demo unit on the back of a trailer and take it to customers?” we were required a way to demonstrate some of our laboratory machines in real time. What was once a casual remark has now become a reality and established a brand-new, historically high bar for the corrugated sector.

The Mobile Innovation Center is built in a 40-foot trailer, often used by Hollywood media and Formula 1 teams. The expandable sides offer a working space of 60 square meters. Floor-to-ceiling glazed sides provide a light and airy environment and the trailer is self-sufficient with 3-phase power and separate air, heat and air conditioning. The Sheard Packaging team replicated on board all the key services available at their HQ

“With the MiC we can bring our Technical and Design Teams to you, along with a space and tools to tackle any problems, implement changes immediately and test new designs. This significantly speeds up time to market.”

Drew Broughton, Head of Technical & Innovation in Sheard Packaging