Circular Cutter DISC

Circular Cutter DISC


Circular sample cutter for paper, corrugated board, aluminium and plastic foils and textile to determine the grammage and perform FCT tests.

  • Great cutting precision.
  • Different cutting areas depending on model.
  • Manual drive by rotary handle.
  • Robust and user-friendly design.
  • With sample expulsion system after making the cut.
  • Secured sample cutting up to 5 mm thick.
  • Easy blade change.
  • Paper.
  • Corrugated board.
  • Board boxes.
  • Board packaging.
  • Aluminum Foil.
  • Plastic Film.
  • Textile.

FEFCO 2, FEFCO 6, ISO 536, ISO 3035, SCAN P32, TAPPI T410, TAPPI T825.