Falling Drop Weight Impact Tester FIT-1000

Falling Drop Weight Impact Tester FIT-1000


Equipment designed to determine the resistance to impact by free fall of an impact hammer from different heights (until 1m) in samples of plastic pipes and systems for conducting electrical and fiber optic cables.

Composed of a steel base, a structural profile or foot and a housing for the different supports in the upper part. The base has 4 holes that allow it to be fixed to the ground.
• DIGITAL Touch Screen Control and Visualization Module with activation buttons and programming of the impact drop height, you can choose the one you want between 0 and 1000 mm, and reset.
• Base supports to choose from 12 and 110 mm nominal diameter of tube to be tested.
• Trigger safety device before the front door opening.
• Impact hammers and “V” supports to be chosen according to tube diameters.
• Lifting the strikers by electric drive.
• Guided hammer support
• Retention of the striker by electromagnet.

  • Plastic Pipes
    Plastic Pipes Conductor Electrical Cables
    Fiber Optic Conductive Plastic Pipes

DIN BS UNE-EN 61386-1, DIN BS UNE-EN 61386-24, DIN BS UNE EN 60794-1-21, IEC 60794-1-21, IEC 61386-1, IEC 61386-24