Falling Drop Weight Impact Tester FIT-2000A

Falling Drop Weight Impact Tester FIT-2000A


Equipment designed to determine the resistance to impact by free fall of an impact hammer from different heights in samples of plastic pipes.

The equipment consists of a base with housing for the 800 x 600 mm steel specimen holders, and a frame-guide through which the impact hammer that provides the impact slides vertically, with a motorized lifting system.
The specimen holders are easily interchangeable with easy height adjustment by means of an endless spindle and turning handles to raise or lower the specimen holder..
• Maximum impact capacity 16 Kg of mass from 2 meters high.
• Maximum impact energy: 300 Joules
• DIGITAL Touch Screen Control and Visualization Module with activation buttons and programming of the impact drop height, you can choose the one you want between 0 and 2000 mm, and reset.
• Sample holder supports to choose from 20 and 630 mm nominal tube diameter.
• Trigger safety device before the front door opening.
• Impact hammers and “V” supports to be chosen according to tube diameters.
• Lifting the strikers by electric drive.
• Guided hammer support
• Retention of the striker by electromagnet.
• Briefcase with the set of additional masses

  • Plastic Pipe
  • Plastic Sheet

DIN UNE EN ISO 3127: by the round the clock method