Laboratory hydraulic presses LPS series

Laboratory hydraulic presses LPS series


Laboratory hydraulic presses with different platen sizes and maximum pressures to obtain small samples for testing by hot pressure.

  • Hydraulic hot plate presses.
  • Floor standing models of 20 tons, 30 tons and 50 tons.
  • Plate sizes: 200 x 200 mm, 300 x 300 and 400 x 400 mm (depending on models and options).
  • Safety door with electric cut-off, plate opening safety button and emergency button.
  • Individual temperature control of each plate.
  • Standard equipment equipped with double set of hot plates and cooling plates.
  • Option for all heating and cooling models on the same plates.
  • Temperature, time and pressure controllers in standard equipment.
  • Advanced control option LCD Touch screen and PLC for advanced settings, temperature cycles – time and pressure.
  • Stainless steel trays and epoxy painted cabin.
  • Option of automatic plate insertion system.
  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder.
  • Double valve system, one for high pressure and a second for low pressure control.
  • Thermocouples located on the surface of the pan for better temperature control.
  • Heating elements and plate design to provide uniform heat throughout the plate.

Pressing of thermoplastic and thermosetting materials to obtain small samples to carry out physical, chemical tests or color studies.

ASTM D4703.