Pneumatic Wedge type Grips for Tensile Tests

Pneumatic Wedge type Grips for Tensile Tests


Pneumatic clamps, designed with wedge-type jaws for tensile testing of sheet materials with medium and high resistance to breakage.

  • Wedge type pneumatic clamps.
  • Traction force: 1kN-300kN.
  • Jaw clamp: different heights and widths.
  • Supply: 1 pair of jaws (without jaws).
  • Different couplings according to need.
  • Body: Nickel-plated steel.
  • Jaws: 58 HRC hardened steel.
  • Temperature: -30ºC to + 180 ° C, other ranges on request.
  • Surface: Pitted, V-shaped, smooth, wavy, diamond…
  • Jaw opening: 0-42mm.

Tensile strength tests on various materials such as:

  • Metals .
  • Rigid plastics.
  • Composites.
  • Carbon fiber.
  • Similar.