Rapid Sheet Dryer RD-10

Rapid Sheet Dryer RD-10


Equipment for rapid drying of wet paper pulp sheets mainly from the laboratory sheet former.

  • Quick-dry wet sheets of paper.
  • Rectangular drying plates.
  • Uniform heat transfer through a good special plate (stainless steel).
  • Temperature controlled by an integrated thermostat.
  • The temperature can be selected from room temperature to +180 ºC.
  • Bottom plate lined with wire cloth to absorb steam during the drying process.
  • It has an overheat protector.
  • Power switch with indicator light.
  • Upper and lower drying plates heated with flat electrical resistances.
  • Useful drying area: 250 x 300 mm.
  • Heaters: Single-phase electrical resistors, 220 V, 400 W each in upper/lower plates.
  • Paper.