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Our Pulp Testing Machines represents the latest dimension in testing verification. With a vast array of products to perform numerous tests, one will be given the ability to increase the efficiency and durability of their testing material. Our Pulp Testing equipment provides the ability to test the various beater mill PFI or VALLEY type, Disintegrator, Sheet Former, Freeness Tester, Wet Presse....   We can meet the needs of global markets that have a wide range of products, facilities and budget constraints.

pulp paper

PFI (type)Mill

For use in the laboratory for beating of chemical pulps under standardized conditions and also for the defibration of semi-digested raw material fibres Applicable standards: ISO 5264/2      DIN-EN 25264-2     SCAN C 24     TAPPI T248    PAPTAC

Standard Features
  • High economic for a fast operation and small volume of pulp (30 g)
  • Can beat from 5 to 40 g of pulp in concentrations from 5 to 50 % (max. 450 ml of suspension)
  • Excellent repetitive to be used in quality control and research
  • Security element protection for the user and equipment
  • Up and down beater cylinder by electric automatic operation



Valley Beater

Beater type “Valley” for laboratory beating of pulps under standardized conditionsAccording to standards: ISO 5264/1 - SCAN C 25 - TAPPI T200 & 205 - PAPTAC C.2

Standard Features
    • Beating tank made of stainless steel
    • Repeatable and adjustable beating pressure by means of a weighted lever
    • Volume of tank: 35 litres
    • It allows to work out the used strength to obtain the wished freeness value                                   
    • Sample size: 360 g
    • Carrying out coloring tests and mass pasting
    • Security cover – CE mark


Chip Classifier

For quick and reproducible classification and analysis of wood chips According to standards: TAPPI UM 21  -  SCAN CM 40…

Standard Features

    • Chip Quality Optimization Tool
    • Robust chip classifier
    • Screener optimization tool

    The standard version is supplied with :
    1st Station, with 45 mm (1,77”) diameter holes
    2nd Station, with 10 mm (.393”) wide slots
    3rd Station, with 8 mm (.315”) wide slots
    4th Station , with 7 mm (.276”) diameter holes
    5th Station, with 3 mm (.118”) diameter holes
    6th Station, dust pan collection

    NOTE: Other trays are available opcionally

Fibres Classifier Bauer Mc Nett type

For testing the fibre length distribution in pulp.
According to standards: TAPPI T233  -  SCAN M6  -  PAPTAC C.5V…

Standard Features

  • Manufactured in stainless steel
  • Each classifying unit is equipped with a stirring motor
  • Easy replacement screen frames
  • Vacuum pump to accelerate the drainage at the end of the test
  • Protection cabin (aluminum profile and transparent polycarbonate walls)
  • CE Marked

The standard version is supplied with :
1st Station, sieve of a mesh opening of ASTM 16 mesh
2nd Station, sieve of a mesh opening of ASTM 30 mesh
3rd Station , sieve of a mesh opening of ASTM 50 mesh
4th Station, sieve of a mesh opening of ASTM 100 mesh
5th Station, sieve of a mesh opening of ASTM 200 mesh

NOTE: Other sieves of a mesh opening can be supplied

Pulp Disintegrator

For the standardized disintegration of Paper Pulp suspension. Applicable standards: ISO 5263, SCAN C.18/M2, UNE 57026, TAPPI T205, NF Q 50002 , PAPTC C6...

Standard Features

  • New Design, modern and compact
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Movable top, easy to clean
  • Digital pre-selection of the revolutions
  • High-performance motor of low voltage
  • Low noise level
  • Electronic parts protected and installed in the upper part
  • Acryl container according standard (optional made of stainless steel)
  • Mechanical and electrical safety with additional stop button
  • Digital display: 2 lines
  • Easy and ergonomic use


Manual Sheet Former - TAPPI

To manufacture paper samples in the Laboratory, according to: ISO 5269/1 – TAPPI T205 – SCAN C26 – PAPTAC C4
Standard Features
  • A base in communication with the formation recipient
  • A grill covered with a metallic mesh
  • Blade Size: 159 mm. diameter
  • Upper metalic screen: 150 mesh according to TAPPI
  • Screen bottom bracket: 20 mesh
  • Suction height: 800 mm.
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Drainage time: 3.8 ± 0.2 seconds, at 20 ° C ± 1 º C

OPTIONAL: White Water Recirculation Systems

Manual Sheet Former TAPPI catalog
White Water Recirculation System catalog WR-01


Pneumatic Presse TAPPI

Standard Features

• Press made of corrosion-proof materials
• Max. opening: 210 mm
• Stroke: 75 mm
• Pressure max. force: 16 KN
• Plate dimensions: 350 x 350 mm
• Time pressure controlled by two timers, adjustable
• Drainage channel incorporated to evacuate the water
Security door with electrical interlock
• CE marked


Freeness Tester Schopper-Riegler type

To determine the refining degree and draining velocity of paper fibres, according to: ISO 5267/1 - SCAN C 19/M3 - NF Q 50-003 -  BS 6035/1…

Standard Features

Quick clamping of the sample (by spring)

  • Easy to use and clean 
  • Stainless steel
  • Robust equipment
  • Ergonomic




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