Digital Puncture Tester PT-48

Digital Puncture Tester PT-48


Machine to determine the absorbed energy or puncture resistance of corrugated and compact cardboard, especially those employed in the manufacture of packaging.

  • Capacity: 48J
  • 4 reading scales (6-12-24 and 48 J).
  • Digital reading on 10” Touch Screen.
  • Robust steel frame, designed to avoid energy loss due to vibration during the test.
  • Pendulum release mechanism with safety system.
  • Self-tightening jaws with adjustable pressure to hold the sample.
  • 90° circular arc arm pendulum.
  • Triangular pyramid firing head.
  • Reading resolution in the 4 scales: 0.01 J.
  • USB output interface.
  • Compatible with the T-LAB Laboratory Management System.
  • CE marked.
  • Corrugated board.
  • Compact board.
  • Board boxes.
  • Board packaging.

DIN 53142, FEFCO 5, ISO 3036, SCAN P23, TAPPI T803.