Laboratory single screw extruder LABTECH Engineering

Laboratory single screw extruder LABTECH Engineering


Laboratory single screw extruder from 8 to 45 mm diameter, with ratio 30 L/D.

  • Single screw laboratory extruder for processing thermoplastics.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Allows processing from small samples.
  • Screws and cylinder made of high grade Nitrided Steel.
  • Wide variety of screws; compression screws, screws with mixing zones, etc..
  • We have the following screw diameters: 8 mm, 12.5 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm and 40 mm always with the ratio L/D 30.
  • Feed hopper fitted with a screw and cooled by water.
  • Air-cooled cylinder with optional venting system to remove volatiles.
  • Different independent cylinder heating zones.
  • High versatility with availability of a large number of peripherals to be able to obtain: film blowing lines of up to 9 layers, Cast film lines of up to 7 layers, pelletizers, blowing lines for containers, profiles, tubes, etc.
  • Speed ​​range up to 300 rpm depending on model.
  • Power: 1,970 (for 20 mm model), 4,000 (25 mm model) and 8,400 (30 mm model).
  • Approximate output with LDPE Kg/hour: between 6 Kg and 35 Kg depending on the model.

Processing of thermoplastic materials such as
HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, PA, PLA y ABS among others.