Longitudinal Extensometer Measuring Small Extensions Mini-MFA-2

Longitudinal Extensometer Measuring Small Extensions Mini-MFA-2


The MINI MFA 2 extensometer is suitable for almost all sample types up to Ø 25mm (or 25mm x 25mm) and gauge length (Lo) of 10mm.

The extensometer MINI MFA 2 is suitable for almost all types of samples up to Ø 25 mm (or 25 mm x 25 mm) and a gauge length (Lo) of 10 mm. Very high resolution and accuracy allow the determination of the Young’s modulus (modulus of elasticity), in addition to the yield point Rp 0.2. The instrument’s accuracy exceeds all requirements of the European Norm EN ISO 9513.
The extensometer permits quick and easy examination of many test samples. Its low weight and minimal activating force make it especially suitable for small and notch sensitive samples. The measurement range amounts to 2 mm in the positive (tensile) direction and 1 mm in the negative (compressive) direction.
The large adjustment range of the clamping force allows for the optimal adaptation to the tested material and the sample dimensions. The knife edges are wear resistant and can be utilized several times over by rotating them and thus increasing their life.

Accuracy class EN ISO 9513 0.2
Measuring principle Strain gauge full bridge
Range in tensile direction MFA 2 2 mm (3 mm)
Range in compressive direction 1 mm (not with 3 mm)
Display error (full display range) * 0.2 %
Indication error * 0.6 m
Error in initial measuring instrument length 50 μm
Sensitivity 2 mV/V
Rated resistance of bridge 350 Ohm
Max. voltage input 10 V
Actuation force 10 – 60 cN
Standard initial instrument measuring length 10 and 50 mm
Accessories for gauge length 10 to 100 mm
Standard temperature range +1 °C to + 60 °C
Type for temperature chamber -50 °C to + 200 (260) ºC
Weight of single-side MFA 45 g
Weight of double-side MFA 70 g

  • Metals and Alloys

The measurement accuracy corresponds to accuracy class 0.5 according to EN ISO 9513 Standards.