Co-Extrusion film blowing lines

Co-Extrusion film blowing lines


Co-Extrusion film blowing line to obtain multi layer film up to 600 mm width

  • Co-extrusion film blowing lines.
  • Film from 200 mm to 600 mm wide.
  • For obtaining from 1 to 9 layers.
  • Pancake nozzle.
  • Bubble guidance system.
  • Water cooling rollers.
  • Carbon fiber guided rollers.
  • Speed ​​control and indicators.
  • Height-adjustable blowing tower from 2.05 to 4.2 meters.
  • Film speed up to 40 mm/minute.
  • Automatic guiding-centering system.
  • Automatic system to maintain film tension.
  • Inspection screen to view defects.
  • Automatic defect measurement and counting system (optional).

For the study of the processability and obtaining of small productions of co-extruded films of three, five, seven and nine layers by the blown co-extrusion method.