Transversal Extensometers Measurement of Small Extensions MFQ_H+R

Transversal Extensometers Measurement of Small Extensions MFQ_H+R


The MFQ-H and MFQ-R manual transversal extensometers are designed for checking thin plates (MFQ-H: R-value determination (vertical anisotropy) or round samples, respectively (MFQ-R: Poisson value determination).

While the MFQ-R is infinitely variable for each diameter of the samples, the MFQ-H is equipped with fixed supports B0 for fixed initial width of metal sheets. The stops are quick and easy to change without tools. MFQ-H and MFQ-R are both available with two measuring points (parallel switching for average value determination) as well as with a single measuring point.

  • Low weight
  • Comfortable closure
  • Easy adjustment to different sample diameters
  • Maintaining the position of the measuring points also during the tension test via a smooth-running guide rail system (MFQ with two measuring heads)

TECHNICAL DATA OF THE EXTENSOMETERS                                  MFQ – H                                    MFQ – R
Accuracy class EN ISO 9513                                                                                          (Both) 0.2
Measurement principle                                                                                                  (Both) DMS-full bridge
Nominal measuring range (standard)                                                                         (Both) 4 mm
Indication error (rel.)*                                                                                                    (Both) 0.2%
Indication error*                                                                                                              (Both) 0.6 μm
Sensitivity                                                                                                                          (Both) 2 mV/V
Max Voltage input                                                                                                           (Both) 14 V
Sample / test tube thickness                                                                                          (Both) 0.4 – 30 mm
Dimensional tolerance of the sample B0                                                                     (Both) ± 0.3 mm
Force pressure measuring pins                                                                                      (Both) 4 N (2 N)
Standard temperature range                                                                                          (Both) +1 °C to + 60 °C
Type for temperature testing chamber                                                                         (Both) +1 °C to + 200 °C
Sample / test tube widths (fixed) 1                                   3, 20, 25, 30 mm
Sample cross section:
– Diameter                                                                                      4-25mm (4-50mm optional)
– Thickness x Width                                                                         0.4 x 4 up to 30 x 25 (30 x 50 mm optional)
Net weights:
– With 1 measuring head 100 g
– With 2 heads measurement                                                                                        (Both) 180 g

  • Metals and Alloys

The measurement accuracy corresponds to accuracy class 0.5 according to EN ISO 9513