MP Series Manual Punch Die Press

MP Series Manual Punch Die Press


Manual presses for rectangular cutting of specimens with high precision and under conditions of international standards for tensile, RCT, CMT, CCT and CLT tests on paper, cardboard and aluminum foils.

  • Manual cutting action by means of a lever.
  • Different cutting dimensions depending on the model.
  • Robust design.
  • High cutting precision
  • Safety of use.
  • Guide for cutting samples samples.
  • Cut sample collection tray.
  • CE marked.
  • Paper.
  • Cartulina.
  • Aluminum foil.

AS/NZ 1301.4SO RP, BS 7325, DIN 53134, DIN 53143, DIN 54518, ISO 1924-2, ISO 3035, ISO 3037, ISO 3781, ISO 7263, ISO 9895, ISO 12192, ISO 12625-6, TAPPI T410, TAPPI T494, TAPPI T809, TAPPI T822, TAPPI T843, SCAN P27, SCAN P34,…