TECHLAB SYSTEMS, new AFCO Symphatizer company

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We inform you that TECHLAB SYSTEMS has just joined the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Corrugated Cardboard Containers and Packaging (AFCO) as a supplier Association’s Symphatizer, strengthening technological innovation in the sector. Under our trademark TLS, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of design, manufacturing, marketing and installation of quality control laboratory equipment for the corrugated paper and board industry.

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Corrugated Cardboard Containers and Packaging (AFCO) is a professional organization whose mission is to represent and defend the general and common interests of all members before the Administration and interest groups with the aim of promoting the development and the growth of the sector, its companies and its products.

Since its founding in 1977, AFCO has promoted the use of corrugated cardboard in the transportation and packaging of products, promoting knowledge of the sector and promoting its professional excellence.

AFCO represents a majority percentage of corrugated cardboard production in Spain. Currently, it has about 200 members, including partners and supporters. In its more than 40 years of history, AFCO has become the leading sector association for the Spanish corrugated cardboard industry. The work of the association during its consolidated history has promoted knowledge and visibility of the sector, as well as the search for synergies with similar international institutions, such as the European Federation of Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturers (FEFCO) and the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA).

The Spanish corrugated cardboard packaging manufacturing industry, thanks to continuous innovation, provides the supply chain with solutions that optimize any logistics process due to its proven versatility, resistance and customization possibilities. To this efficiency, cardboard, as a packaging material, adds a firm commitment to sustainability and the Circular Economy, thanks to the renewable, recyclable, compostable and biodegradable nature of its raw material, paper.

In 2023, the sector, with a total of 65 corrugating companies and 86 factories in Spain, has generated more than 25,000 jobs and reached a production of 5,629 million square meters of cardboard, with a total turnover of 6,960 million euros.

TECHLAB SYSTEMS stands out for its commitment to innovation and quality in the development of advanced technological solutions, offering its clients tools and services that drive efficiency, productivity and business growth.


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