Determining the resistance of glues on corrugated board.

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Determining the resistance of glues on corrugated board by wáter immersion with the TLS Wet Shear Adhesion Tester WS-21.

Under the TLS Brand, we have launched to the market the new Wet Shear Adhesion Tester WS-21, which will allow us to determine the resistance of the glues used in the manufacture of corrugated cardboard.

The WS-21 is an automatic equipment with a variation of the TAPPI T842 test standard and with which we can measure the release time of the glue in corrugated board samples submerged in water and subjected to a certain constant tension.

The standard supply of the equipment includes a quick clamping system for the sample, as well as a set of weights that will apply a constant force of 1 or 2 kilograms on the sample sumerged in water.

The Wet Shear Adhesion test is essential for all those corrugated cardboard boxes that are going to be subjected to low temperatures and high humidity during the supply chain (fresh fruit, fresh and frozen food, etc).

For more information about this, contact our experts in test equipment for corrugated board industry.

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